5 Reasons To Have A Personal Enforcer

I first heard the term, “personal enforcer” in my Leadership IV Seminar class at Ashesi University College during a lecture highlighting goal-setting and personal development by Dr. Esi Ansah, one of the best lecturers I’ve had.

A “personal enforcer” is someone who helps you implement your personal goals to improve your effectiveness and productivity. Since then, my best friend and I have played the roles of personal enforcers in each other’s life. It has been both rewarding and challenging as each of us—neither one is perfect in staying productive and effective—work toward achieving our goals. In more than two years of playing this role and having my own enforcer, here are five reasons why I think everyone should have a personal enforcer.

  1. Keeps you focused: A personal enforcer helps you maneuver through all challenges and makes them seem less overwhelming. My personal enforcer would often help me prioritize things by setting deadlines and creating milestones for all the personal, academic or work-related goals I sought to achieve. There was something about involving someone in my plans to accomplish a task by a certain period that helped me stay committed and focused on my goals. I suppose it incited the need to impress and not disappoint the person, and that kept me on track.
  2. Puts you back in place: A good enforcer can always tell when you begin to slack and will know when to put you back in place. He or she can also identify your flaws or mistakes to prevent you from repeating them. It helps to be reminded of the need for a goal to be achieved to keep you moving forward toward it. Sometimes when we want to give up, or are being stubborn or lazy, we need a wake-up call from someone who cares about us to keep us motivated toward making our dreams a reality, and a good personal enforcer can help us with this.
  3. Provides a listening ear and offers suggestions: A personal enforcer is often a person we trust who is open-minded and does not judge us. It helps to have someone with whom you can bounce off ideas. Sometimes when we are stuck and need assistance solving a problem, a personal enforcer can introduce new perspectives to provide solutions to the problems we face.
  4. Provides support: Things can get tough and it helps to have someone you can lean on for emotional support, encouragement, and direction. A personal enforcer is there to keep you relaxed and to help you to re-energize yourself to take the next steps toward accomplishing your goals.
  5. Cheers you on: Many of us forget to pause and celebrate our achievements. A personal enforcer ensures this happens while motivating you to keep moving forward. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone share in your joy as you celebrate your progress and to cheer you on especially when you are uncertain of the next steps.

 It pays to have a personal enforcer to keep you accountable and to implement your plans as you develop personally or in your career. Having regular support from a personal enforcer pushes you forward toward the path of success. So, if you haven’t already, find yourself a personal enforcer today, or become someone’s enforcer. There is much to learn about yourself as you work toward achieving your goals.

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